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14 AUGUST 2004

The Schipperke Club of Canada’s Specialty show held 14 August 2004 in Brockville, Ontario, had an entry of 41 dogs, excluding the brace and brood bitch classes. My thanks to both the breed club’s committee as well as the Thousand Islands Kennel and Obedience Club (TIKO) for such a warm welcome and hospitality. Helpers of the TIKO club who did not handle exhibits under me at the specialty met me at the airport and gave an interesting commentary of the lovely Thousand Island area as we traveled to the Brockville. This is such a lovely area I know that in the future I will want to come back and see more of the beautiful scenery. I will treasure greatly the fabulous book of the 1,000 Islands that the club presented to me at the dinner that evening.

Following the excellent dinner hosted by the club, I was asked to speak briefly about the entry. I will try to summarize my thoughts, but as I regard the entry to be just a snapshot, I don’t think I can make any kind of statements as to trends seen in the breed, particularly as the bitch entry was much smaller than that of the dog’s.

As I was aware from reading your standard, there were several areas that were different from the GB standard that I am used to going by, so I made an effort, I hope, to take them into consideration in my choice of dogs. I see from your Scale of Points that head and coat are extremely important, so used that often as my way of splitting hairs between placements.

Heads were for the most part, quite consistent with your breed standard having the required 50/50 split between length of muzzle/skull. Skulls were fairly flat and moderately broad, ear sets ranged from very good to excellent, I would just like some less tall, but I suspect you will already be aware of this! Eyes- well, I was just totally delighted to find so many with the required shape and also having sufficient ‘fill’ under the eyes as well. Colour was in the main very good to excellent, only a few with medium to lighter brown.

Coats, well here was another area I was delighted to find wonderful coats, I would love to see this coat and its texture more often in Great Britain! Not only were they correctly demarcated in the males but the density of undercoat in those fully in coat was excellent as was the texture. I tend to disregard puppy coat texture as I find that the adult coat is often different, and the standard is supposedly that of an adult specimen. Likewise, with this time of year and shedding for many of the younger adults, I took this into consideration, but ended up with mostly very mature dogs who were in the best 'bib and tuck' as it were.

Body shape was for the most part excellent in my class winners, a few dogs with what I consider longer than desired body shape, having a longer loin which for me is a deviation from the desired ‘short, thickset, cobby’ body I was looking for.

Some of the dogs appealed in many ways but the very humid and warm atmosphere in the building had several not showing their best, and therefore didn’t do as well as they might otherwise have. Temperament was excellent and I was pleased to find overall very good feet as well, with only one or two having pasterns that could bear to be a bit stronger and straighter.

A few had toplines that were a shade less straight (no dips or running up or down) than I would like and this showed both on the table in examination and watching side gait movement.

In movement I tried to select for the required unrestricted, free and vigorous action with the slight convergence of legs coming and going. For the most part the rear action on the adults was excellent, can I please have some of this to take back to the UK? Upright shoulders and straight upper arms however, is the perennial problem that seems to persist worldwide. This I feel, creates in some cases, too forward placement of the foreleg, and in turn results in front action not desired. Very often this was the determining factor in placements between otherwise excellent dogs. There were a number of dogs that had quite steep shoulder lay, but the length and angulation of upper arm meant that their front action was at least acceptable, and they still were able to stand on a free stack with legs well under the body, thus creating the correct silhouette and moved ok in their coming and going.

Quite a few dogs persisted in ‘crabbing’ which I hope exhibitors can work on correcting as occasionally these same dogs would then track true, so I suspect this is just one of those things ‘on the day’ that can be rectified.

My comments that follow are taken from my notes on each of the regular breed conformation class winners, but will focus in the main on their positive virtues. I hope you don’t mind if I write it out in the way that British judges do for our own dog publications. The number in the parenthesis is the number entered for the class, followed by the number absent. Then the names of the first three placed are listed with the owner’s name printed prior to the dog’s name. Finally, I should like to mention that I did not know any of these dogs prior to the show, so they were all new to me and were judged ‘on the day’.

JUNIOR PUPPY DOG (3,0): 1, Demer and Carbonne’s Ebonorth Just Too Kool, not in the best of coats, as was obvious to anyone, but also equally obvious was his excellent conformation and balance. This 6 month old baby has such a beautiful outline with legs well under him,compact body, level topline which he held on the stack and in moving, has correct head for his age with lovely dark eyes and well placed ears. Showed steadily. Most Promising. Best Puppy in Show. I look forward to seeing what he looks like in a few years; 2, Keegan’s Manora’s Blakpaws Fantaisie; 3, Kashuba’s Majekin U R My Cinderfella.

SENIOR PUPPY DOG (1): 1,Ryan’s Marizza’s Indy on the Go, compact cobby male with excellent size and outline. Well angulated rear and shows excellent rear action. Excellent bone, legs and feet. Not as pleasing in head properties.

CANADIAN BRED DOG (1): 1,Whittles’ Pepou Olivier de Turenne, compact cobby mature male with excellent outline and balance. Excellent head and _expression with ears well used. Lovely shape overall with excellent jacket for texture, density and demarcation. Excellent rear gait, but I suspect he would rather be in the obedience ring! With further training he should do well. Reserve Winner’s Dog.

BRED BY EXHIBITOR (1): 1, Baldwin’s Aladdin’s Too Sexy to Tango, compact small youngster with beautiful balance for his size. The best ears in the entry today for set on and size. Lovely _expression with beautiful dark eyes. Overall Very good body shape but still quite immature, as he is just a teenager. Obviously out of coat, at the ‘porcupine’ stage, but one can still see the demarcation. Excellent rear gait.

OPEN DOG (6,0): 1,Ramsey & Krause’s Minneka’s Any Man of Mine, presents balanced outline, pleasing _expression, typical head with correct muzzle/skull balance, moderate stop, very good ears for placement and eyes for shape and colour.. Excellent bone, legs and feet, held topline at all times and moved correctly. Has excellent jacket with correct demarcation, texture and density. Winners Dog and Best of Winners, which gave him his Canadian Title on the day, congratulations.; 2,Ozelis’ Raffinee Attien Navarre; 3, Dowland & Harris’ Trolan’s Talk of the Town.

VETERAN DOG (1): 1, Smith’s Ch. Logaven’s Gateway Toromulus, what a real ‘ham’ in the ring, just loves to show, this one, and I suspect will continue well into his veteran years wanting the spotlight! 10 year old dog with excellent outline, lovely _expression, correct skull/muzzle balance, excellent eyes and ears. Although he can at times stand a shade long, in going over him he actually is well ribbed back, with desired spring of rib and has a short strong loin. Well angulated rear and this showed in his movement. Outstanding coat, really ideal for all its properties. Gave way to the youngsters on a few aspects due to his age, but his quality is such that I had no hesitation in awarding him the Award of Merit.

JUNIOR PUPPY BITCH (3,0): 1, Wells’ Aned’s La Reve De Knightime, Excellent body shape, being compact and cobby. Very feminine _expression with bright, questioning look, enhanced by her dark oval eyes. Excellent ears for size and VG set on. Abundant puppy coat. Moves OK for her age, and has a good topline on the stack and the move. Most typical for her overall balance; 2, Thistle’s Aned’s La Reine de Foxnoir; 3, Verleg’s Mazeru’s Kahuna.

12-18 MONTH BITCH (2,0): 1, Lesperance’s Benjac Suzon De Mini-Fee, beautiful head and _expression with great femininity but not weak at all in muzzle or skull. Excellent coat texture, but has too much undercoat over the rump to create a rising topline. On table examination does not support this. The bitch has been trained to stand incorrectly on the table, for when I reset her legs, she does not rise in the rear and drop in the front, and has good angulation both front and back.. Hopefully, her owners will be able to retrain her; 2, Demers & Luke’s Ebonorth Chatelet Line Dancer.

BRED BY EXHIBITOR BITCH (1): Crownover, Ramsey & Kraus’ Minneka’s She’s so Fine, mature bitch with very alert, attentive and bright _expression. Ears well placed and used. VG balance of muzzle to skull. Excellent body shape, with great spring of rib, short compact, cobby body and short strong loin. VG coat texture but is perhaps a bit between coats right now. Winners’ Bitch.

OPEN BITCH (3,1): The original catalogue entry shows 5 entered in this class. One was transferred to the 12-18 month class and one was moved up to the Specials’Only class. 1,Thistle’s Foxnoir Weekend Warriors, I despaired with this one, as she just wouldn’t use her ears. Still, her quality and body type are what I consider so typical and essential for the breed. My notes say she has excellent body shape with compact cobby elements and substance to her. Lovely _expression which however on the day was affected by her lack of ears, but they are well placed and of neat size.. Double tracks on the move as I would expect from her body properties I just love her profile and her preferred topline, body shape and rear took her to Reserve Winners’ Bitch; 2, Kraus & Crownover’s Dac’s Take Me to the Top.

VETERAN BITCH (3): 1, Ryan’s Ch. Marizza’s Winsome Cattleya, flat skull, typical eyes and ears for the breed, excellent mouth for a veteran. Compact, cobby body shape with one of the best fronts in the entry, being well angulated fore and aft. VG spring of rib with short strong loin. Her movement and topline won her the class; 2, Wells’ Ch. Knightime’s Fantasia; 3, Bernhardt’s Ch. Camplaren’s Klassic Kadillac.

SPECIALS ONLY (11,0):I examined all the male specials and shortlisted the following four:

Gibbs’ Ch. Camplaren’s Xxmas Cracker; Kraus’ Ch. Minneka’s Richochet at Mardeck; Layng’s Ch. Mardecks Whiz Kid De Turenne; Ch. Logaven Wayland Highwayman CDX. These four then came back into the ring with the bitch specials that were entered on the day: Bernhardt’s Ch. Camplaren’s Carbon Copy; Bernhardt’s Ch. Camplaren’s Happy Ending Sundae and Pacanowski & Smith’s Logaven Mambo W’Rivendel.

From this quality lineup I chose Ch. Camplaren’s Xxmas Cracker as BOB. Presents compact extremely well balanced outline with legs well under body, having balanced angulation at both ends. Excellent head properties for _expression, well set on neck that is used to great effect, level topline which he held at all times and well rounded rear. Jacket is dense with correct demarcations and excellent texture. Body is compact with excellent substance to balance his size. In the challenge for BOB he had, in my opinion, the front and rear action closest to your standard.

Mambo W’Rivendel BOS. A different style of Schipperke, she nonetheless is of top quality. Lovely feminine bitch with excellent ears and eyes, wicked _expression that just shouts "bitch type" to me. Level topline, excellent body, well rounded rear, lovely bone and feet. Excellent rear and side gait, one I would like to take home!


BROOD BITCH (1): Ryan’s Ch. Marizza’s Winsome Cattleya.

BRACE CLASS (1):Keegan’s brace of Ebonorth’s Gentle Serenade and Manora’s Blackpaws Fantaisie.

ALTERED DOG (4,1): 1, Gibbs’ Camplaren’s Ynot You Kramer, Winners Altered Dog, Best of Winners; 2, Dunnage’s Arjaygold Red Hot Coal, CDX; 3, Dunnage’s Arjaygold’s Flying High.

ALTERED BITCH (1): 1, Keegan’s Ebonorth’s Gentle Serenade. Winners Altered Bitch..